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Air & Water Guide


For many in Detroit, dealing with access to clean air and water is a daily struggle. The systems that we have heavily relied on to manage these issues are outdated and continuously let down the people of 

Detroit. These systems have not only failed to protect us but have also contributed to harming our environment and planet. Many of the issues surrounding air and water are preventable, but in order to make the change we must understand them 

and educate ourselves. 

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YES Summer Module:

Coordinators: Mekiah Austin & Eradajere Oleita

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Water Crisis

Detroiters pay some of the highest water rates in the Great Lakes region—an average of $96 per month. Thirty-six percent of city residents live on incomes that are below the federal poverty line ($12,490 for a single person, $25,750 for a family of four). Perversely, low-income households often get larger bills, because they are more likely to live in buildings with faulty pipes. 



Sierra Club


Water Resources


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